The wigs, property, hairpieces, hair extensions, bangs on the bezel or on the elastic bandage is not the whole list of products from artificial and natural hair offered by our Studio.

Our main clients are people who have lost hair as a result of the chemotherapy, full or partial alopecia, as well as those who have need of wearing a wig during treatment with restore the hair, people with rare, thin hair or excessive hair loss.

These products can be used with any type of hair loss. This wide range of applications of non-surgical replacement is that it provides only cosmetic (visual) effect of the presence of hair. Any intervention in the human body does not occur, so it can be used at any age.

The wig firmly attached to the head, and You will be sure in every action, movement: exercise, swimming, skydiving, etc. It is completely invisible Foundation that creates the impression that the hair is growing directly from the scalp. The people around You will feel that it’s your natural hair, it will look very natural and natural.