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Your dream to have thick, long hair?

beauty Studio “Nata-Li” will help You grow hair, because we are doing hair extensions for over 10 years. Hair extension has several methods, we offer our customers Italian hair extensions, as the most suitable for our hair type. Hair extensions we use only the Slavic. Increase hair more Slavic easier than European hair, as in structure they are very close to our natural hair, and correction of hair required minimum.

If You’re not ready or afraid to do hair extensions, Studio Nata-Li” is ready to offer You alternative options such as hair pins is attached with special pins invisible hair extensions – conveniently mounted and removed, without causing harm to Your natural hair.

For lovers of tails, linings of hair, we offer hairpieces made of natural hair, false braids, ornamental lining. Come to our Studio and we really will find You the most convenient and beautiful option of increasing the hair.

The truth about hair

Natalia Graal, Director of the design Studio of hair extensions “Nata-Li”, Creator of the author of the collections of hair products, winner of the European Championship in hair extensions.

Hair extension is one of the ways to drastically change your image. This procedure allows to transform short and thin hair to long and thick to create vivid shades strands to build different colors, without subjecting their hair dyed.

The quality of the materials currently being improved every day, and a variety of building types allows to satisfy the most extravagant requests.

Thanks to my many years of experience of hair extensions you want to deny certain information disseminated in the media, the Internet, etc.

To Increase your hair all

The Procedure is only performed on healthy hair, otherwise the inevitable partial loss as your hair and the extensions. Hair extensions can not be done in case of hypersensitivity of the skin, dystonia, taking antibiotics or certain hormonal drugs.

Hair extensions can be of any length and thickness, even in the most modest of initial data

Very important in the selection of the hair (length, density, hair structure) to take into account the original data. Healthy, but thin hair can not withstand too much weight of the hair extensions.

Correction of the hair extensions need to do 4-6 months

Correction hair done after 2.5-3 months after augmentation. After this period, the entanglement of the hair into the points increase, which complicates the removal of the hair and makes it painful.

Hair Extensions can be done from any master (for announcement)

Very often we make perenashivanie with hair replacement clients who decided to do this procedure from non-professionals. Often these “masters” cheat: low grade hair to give the hair high quality.

Hair extensions care

To take Care of hair extensions need no less than your own if you want throughout the time they remain beautiful and healthy. You can not comb wet hair as it can damage them. You need to pre-dry them with a Hairdryer. Painting, modeling and perming of the hair extensions should only trust an experienced master to build.

Extensions bad for your own hair

Well-chosen hair, the best way to increase compliance with guidelines for the care of hair extensions makes the procedure harmless.