Visage and makeup

The face is our calling card. And visage reflects our attitude to fashion and self-image. When the makeup matches the hair, the style, the inner self and mood of women, it makes her more attractive: it looks good and feels good.
The task of the artist is to find the most attractive features and make them focus, disguising or beating in a favorable light disadvantages.But in the end I would like to get not just a picture with the right features, and the woman, irresistibly attracting their individuality.
You should know that makeup is day and evening (more vivid and intense), everyday and ceremonial, for special occasions. Inappropriate use of these styles leads to a negative effect on appearance in General, which is reflected in the personal and professional life.
We all have our favorite colors. But those are the colors we like do not always coincide with those that suit us. So unfavorable for the us colors, as if they were not good in themselves, will inevitably give us a tired, unkempt appearance. Faithful-definition of favorable groups accentuate the strengths and reduce the weaknesses of our face. And it’s kind of universal secret of attraction.

Visage and makeup

We offer You to start to choose the type of makeup that you can use as the basis for creating Your unique image:

Daily makeup

(used in daylight) looks natural, highlighting individual features of the face, eyes, lips. Not usually accompanied by bright arrows, mother of pearl or fake eyelashes. Its main objective is to align texture of the skin, giving it radiance and a healthy, fresh look. The most natural option daytime makeup is called “washed face”, makeup, without makeup, makeup Nude. If the clothes you prefer bright colors, they can be beat in a contrasting daytime makeup. Allows you to feel naturally beautiful at home, at work and away.

Party makeup

(used with artificial light) should give the image of mystery, creating emphasis on the eyes. For evening make-up arrow, pearl and glitter are welcome, making people pay attention to You. Relevant in recent years, the makeup smoky eyes (smoky eyes) the same applies to evening type of makeup. Helps to loosen up, relax, become irresistible

Business makeup

(business casual) puts the emphasis on the lips, thereby forcing all of what you say to gain importance and significance. In the business makeover welcome shades of beige-brown scales, the eyes should look natural and relaxed. Allows You to emphasize its importance, the need for business partners.

Wedding makeup

includes all possible means of makeup and face art, in order to obtained the makeup was strong and looked great with different types of lighting. The image of the bride is being developed in a joint discussion with the bride, because it is one of the important days in her life! Is the most difficult, the bride should be perfect in everything

Makeup artists beauty salon Nata-Li work exclusively on professional cosmetics of world famous brands : “Kryolan”, “L’ocean”, “Make-Up Atelier”, “Cinecitta”, etc.

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