The treatment of hair loss

Every woman dreams of thick, beautiful, shiny hair that attract attention and envy. But we should not forget that the hair is not just a natural decoration of the exterior, but the indicator of the health of a person.
That is why at the first sign of hair loss experts do not recommend to follow the “folk” recipes or to buy cosmetics without professional advice. The cause of hair loss can be many disturbances in the body.
Special remedies for the treatment of hair loss in women be prescribed by a doctor, trichologist after you identify the cause.

The treatment of hair loss

General information

Each person loses 50 to 100 hairs every day. Hair lives on the head from 3 to 7 years. 90% of hair is actively growing, the remaining 10% are dormant. This phase lasts from 2 to 6 months, after which the hair falls out.
Usually with age the hair becomes thinner, but sometimes, in place of fallen hair is not grow new. This process may begin in early adulthood.
Hair loss can be caused by various diseases, hormonal imbalance, head trauma or injuries of the scalp, stress or taking certain drugs. Hair often grows back when Troubleshooting the causes of hair loss. Treatment must be administered by a doctor, trichologist after ascertaining the reasons for hair loss.

An important positive aspect is the fact that in most cases, hair loss in women is reversible.
However, it is important to remember that the success of treatment depends on the stage of the disease: the sooner You seek help, the easier it is to choose a method. If the cells of the scalp for a long time not getting enough nutrition, hair follicles gradually atrophy and will not be able to recover even after treatment.
You should not ignore the obvious facts pointing to the problem. If the hair fade and become brittle, thinning, and increases the width of the parting — these are signs that Your hair needs skilled care.

Consultation trichologist consists of the following steps:

The survey (customer complaints, history of disease development)
Inspection of the scalp. Trichologist evaluate the health of the scalp and hair. Test system La Biosthetique allows us to estimate the following parameters: PH, fat content, hyperkeratosis, dandruff, flaking.
The preliminary diagnosis
Recommendations for further survey if you need it – tests, consulting other specialists: dermatologist, endocrinologist, gynaecologist.
Mesotherapy, physiotherapy
Restore the structure of hair, improving their appearance and condition.

Don’t waste time and money on useless self

Problems with hair and scalp it is impossible to solve a variety of shampoos and cosmetics, because they have only a surface effect, not solving the main problem.
During the consultation our experienced specialist will find out what specific reasons lead to itching, hair loss and breakage. Through proper diagnosis, we will find for you an effective and adequate treatment. Proper care formula, personally prepared for you and also an individual approach will give your curls natural Shine and beauty.

Hair mesotherapy is an effective method in a short period of time to cure hair stop hair loss and improve hair growth. Hair mesotherapy is an injection into the scalp of specialized medical cocktails, ie ensured direct delivery of therapeutic drugs directly to the hair follicle.

Usually mesotherapy hair is not only where the hair grows, but in the neck, since, due to problems in the cervical spine, is disrupted supplies the hair with oxygen and their blood supply. During the mesotherapy of hair fine needles are used, and a medicinal cocktail is introduced at a depth of no more than 2-4 mm. because of this, the hair mesotherapy is virtually painless.

  • hair mesotherapy is effective in stimulating their growth
  • hair mesotherapy is the most effective treatment for baldness
  • hair mesotherapy is different long-term effect helps to slow the appearance of gray hair
The treatment of hair loss

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