SPA hair treatment

Revitalizing and nourishing SPA hair treatment at Studio Nata-Li is a set consisting of 4 medium-care steps, which will use the wizard:

  1. Shampoo (suitable for your hair depending on type);
  2. Mask (integrated effects);
  3. air conditioning (a means to improve the texture and appearance of hair);
  4. Serum (serum with a high content of active substances).
SPA hair treatment
We work with professional makeup Pai-Shau niche cosmetics, which is used for treatments in salons of America. the Name “Pai-Shaw” can be translated as one derived from the Portuguese word “passion” – and that says a lot! From the look of the packaging: tubes and bottles of purple with gold, even it is a color combination already suggests that before you is a product of “luxury”! And when using the contents of the jars in your hair will soon acquire a natural youthful glow, healthy radiance and natural shades, no doubt a high class and impeccable quality of these tools will not stay.
Professional makeup Pai-Shau combines natural ingredients with modern science. Brand exotic tea complex is a powerful concentrate to strengthen, nourish and protect hair. Exclusive blend of precious teas from around the world plus antioxidants, panthenol, vitamins a, C and E work in unison, providing each cosmetic product is a powerful rejuvenating and healing properties.

Please note important benefits cosmetic line for hair Pai-Shau:

  • gluten-free;
  • contains No parabens, sulfates, phosphates, sodium chloride;
  • Is the vegan (not tested on animals and contain no animal products);
We can say that cosmetics for care of hair Pai-Shau is today far ahead of other well-known brands and brands. In many respects it surpasses it in efficiency and pleasing composition.

Take this unique opportunity to give your hair a SPA treatment in the Studio Nata-Li with the use of cosmetics, imported from America, specifically for the demanding and price aware customers!

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