Retreats hair extensions

Retreats – most people believe that the purpose of training is to acquire knowledge. In fact, the goal of the training is to initiate actions. The essence of learning – not only how to learn how to make your hair, but also to draw lessons from what we do. Only in action theory meets practice.


to get a basic idea about the methods of hair extensions, view hair styles ,master hair extensions, use a secondary hair for the correction to gain knowledge on maintenance and painting the extension hair.

Main objective

is not only to provide learning and practicing of lessons, but also learn to use different materials and techniques. Creative haircuts for hair extension, painting, kartirovanie and reconstruction of hair.


Maybe some customers before the build-up is to offer a hair treatment to strengthen and enrich our bodies hair follicle.


Technology of hair extensions can solve not only increase the length but also the solution to cosmetic problems. Professional stylist needs to possess various techniques of hair extensions, so we offer the following types of equipment:

– Italian technique hair extensions, allows the use of the hair keratin capsule with the help of Curling-tongs;

English – technique hair extensions, allows to use hair in a slicer using a pistol machine or the stove-to help melting wax faster;

– using the overhead hair. False hair, false hair, wonderful hair, gorgeous hair, hair barrette, clips, clips, toupees, hairpieces – alternative building – all different names for the same wig-making products – set strands of natural hair barrette. For the manufacture of nakladnich strands use 100% natural hair of high quality. The advantage of natural strands, of course, is that they can be painted and create different hairstyles.

Lecture part of the workshop

– possible treatments increase;

– analysis of the technology of hair extensions;

– analysis of the quality of natural hair Remyhair, NoRemyhair, DabuDraun, classic;

– hair analysis, presented at the Ukrainian market, especially their treatment (Slavic, European, South-Russian, Indian, Asian);

– analysis of materials for attachment of donor hair: keratin, resin, wax;

– commercial services in the beauty salon;

Theoretical part of the workshop

– consultation and preparation of the client before the application;

home care for hair extensions, cosmetics for care;

– correction, and monthly care;

– removal of the hair extensions;

Practical part of the workshop

– zonal distribution;

partial build – up on the training dummy;

– removing the extension hair;

– correction of hair;

– the study of “gotchas” when using the services of hair extensions;

At the end of the course the diploma of salon. All supplies: educational strands, the liquid for removing hair, tweezers for removing hair, a training apparatus, the dummy provides a training center of the Studio “Nata-Li”.

Recommendation: a workshop based on students 10 employees and 3 technologists:

– lectures, theoretical part of the seminar on the first day of training, the approximate time 11.00-13.00;

-practical part of the seminar the first day 5 people, 13.30-17.00;

-practical part of the seminar the second day of the 5 persons, 10.00-13.30;

-kartirovanie and reconstruction of hair can be carried out in parallel with the training of the hair;

What we can offer in addition to the seminar:

1. When buying a starter kit kartirovaniya hair AmazonSeries”, training center of the Studio “Nata-Li” is organizing a seminar free of charge. The minimum cost of starter pack is 1800 hryvnia. Description see attached file. This requires a model preferably with hair, time is 1-1.5 hours (theory and practice).

2. When you purchase the starter kit reconstruction of hair Alter Ego Italy. Spherique” is the most popular procedure in beauty salons

Rehabilitation program for damaged hair, deeply affecting the very core of the hair, effectively renewing the keratin layer and restores its intracellular structure. And most importantly-does not require heat application and very easy to work with.

The holding time is 1 hour

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