Reconstruction of hair

Reconstruction of hair is a complex of procedures aimed at intense and deep repair of damaged hair. To achieve such a result is possible thanks to the use of expensive professional cosmetics, which nourishes the hair with vitamins and minerals.

Which hair is recommended to do the reconstruction

  • Dried and painted, especially in bright colors.
  • Split and brittle.
  • Dull and ruined by staining.
  • Curly and frizzy.
  • Disobedient, prone to tangling when combing.
  • In cases where the conditioners and masks for home care is not give proper result.
  • of Normal hair as a preventive measure to protect them from possible destruction.
Reconstruction of hair
Beauty salon Nata-Li uses the recovery program from Alter Ego Italy Spherique, deeply affecting the very core of the hair, effectively renewing the keratin layer and restoring its intracellular structure. And most importantly – does not require heat application and very easy to work with.
The program consists of 3 Spherique restorative Rituals salon by professional stylists with special care, using special professional equipment.

Ritual nourishing cleansing:

Shampoo with a neutral pH

  • with gentle cleansing action, removes dirt and grease
  • stimulates the flow of biological active substances
  • activates the internal recovery process
  • pH 5.5

Ritual rejuvenating serum:

Biologically re-structuring the serum on the basis of keratin

  • its special molecular composition instantly penetrates into the hair structure
  • restores even severely damaged hair
  • to distribute the penetration of the reducing molecules and substances
  • 2.5 pH

The ritual of concentrated comfort:

To complete the program use a cream that contains highly concentrated ingredients that:

  • restore volume, elasticity and toughness of hair
  • restore, give strength and strengthen the weak, dull and damaged hair
  • make hair healthy, soft and full of energy

As a result of treatments, the hair will get a natural brightness of the color, vitality, radiance and Shine. It should be noted that to fully restore dry, brittle and damaged hair takes 3 to 6 treatments (the procedure can be repeated after 7-10 days).

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