Bio-lamination of hair

Bio-lamination of hair is a unique procedure of sealing the hair in the thinnest film. Film is formed after application to the hair of a special composition and is a cellulose of plant origin.
Bio-lamination makes the hair amazingly shiny and smooth. In addition, bio-lamination allows to achieve the original color effects. When bio-lamination every hair enveloped a thin breathable film of natural cellulose.

Bio-lamination of hair

Natural cellulose

Natural cellulose is a substance, which in its composition resembles a zucchini juice or juice from the stalks of dandelion. The mechanism of action of this substance on the hair of his producers describe as: pigments of the drug have a negative charge so they are attracted to positively charged hair, in accordance with the laws of physics.

In addition to the composition of the drug includes a protein. It is the protein gives the hair elasticity and Shine, protects the hair from mechanical damage and from adverse environmental influences. Cellulose film prevents leaching of the dye, if your hair was previously colored. After bioluminescene the hair becomes elastic and obedient.

The bio-lamination can be done by all women who want to make your hair more healthy and radiant. The effect lasts about a month, the composition is gradually descending. The procedure optionally can be repeated constantly. Contraindications to bio-lamination is not, and among the evidence – the hard, dry, curly hair that is hard to fit and do not hold moisture.

To style such hair becomes easier and the time for laying out significantly less than before. In addition, it is possible to do a minimal amount of styling products. This is due to the peculiarity of the drug, which is applied to the hair, in its qualities it resembles the juice from the stems of dandelions.

It is known that this juice is natural rubber, which when heated becomes especially plastic.
Composition for bioluminescene operates in a similar manner: the hair is coated, under a hot dryer is easy to take and permanently retain the form imparted to them.

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