The hair extension training

Want to get a good hair extension training – welcome to the Studio of “Nata-Li”.

Each student should thoroughly to control your device for hair extensions. During the course, much attention is paid to the practical aspects. Introduction of new material is accompanied by visual AIDS, diagrams and illustrations.

the Principle of visualization enables more efficient to learn theoretical material, as perceived information supported by visual images.

hair extension training

The theory follows the practical part of the class, where theoretical knowledge takes the form, abilities and skills. The purpose of these lessons is to develop and consolidate the technical and practical aspects of the material covered. In the course provides theoretical and practical classes, a fresh look at trends in modern fashion, the analysis of hair extension technologies presented on the Ukrainian and Russian market, practical advice on the introduction of new services in your salon, assistance in preparing the price list, possible conflicts with clients, psychology of communication, competent use of a variety of style in modern Vogue.

Discussion of practical work, contact with the engineer in the Studio – all this is an invaluable experience that cannot be replaced by information on the Internet, reading magazines and other benefits. Thus, this course aims at the acquisition of knowledge, abilities and skills that will enable any interested person, the usual hairdresser to touch real art, to improve their skills, and in the future may become a professional master of hair extension.

Course objectives:

  • to get a basic idea about the styles in hair extensions
  • to find hair styles
  • learn hair extensions
  • use secondary donor hair
  • to acquire knowledge on the care of extended hair

We teach these methods:

  • English capacity
  • Spanish capacity
  • Tape capacity
  • Ultrasonic capacity
  • Sewing tressa on pigtail

The training is conducted by appointment, training time 1-2 days (in our materials). At the end of the course receive a diploma.

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