Hair coloring

“Cool inspiration of nature” is a technique of hair coloring creative team of beauty salon Nata-Li. Very natural, very simple and very beautiful. It looks like a modern colour result.

Hair coloring is an art that will help to raise Your mood to others, to enjoy the new you and surprise his new way the friends and family. That is why it is important that such a delicate procedure as the staining involved professionals.

In our work we use the most advanced of currently available dye – American dye shampoo CHI and DUCASTEL. Ammonia and bleaching powder paint in cream and gel base Ducastel Subtil sparing effect on the hair, making them healthy, thanks to the patented formula EPALINE100 Shine and elasticity of hair, and a new series of products for hair care from Laboratoire Ducastel ium, developed on the basis of natural vitamins and minerals, nourishes and treats hair.

A line of professional cosmetics for hair Ducastel IUM from brings Your hair the most valuable excerpts from the heart of the plants – the richness of pure, natural ingredients enriched with elements necessary for whole body balance and well-being. Beauty care is divided into the program based on requirements specified by the type of Your hair and scalp.

Professional resistant bezammiachnye hair dye Chi Ionic, Chi Ionic, Guarantees a long durability of the color, giving the hair unbeatable Shine and glow. Paint Chi Ionic provides a bright and luxurious Reds, gorgeous brown and copper tones. Exceptional shades of blonde, with the possibility of lightening up to 5 levels. Series Coverage Plus ideal for grey coverage. In the paint CHI is silk and cream ceramic CHI 44 alloy containing 44 inorganic compounds. Ceramic particles gently lift the scales of the hair, thereby ensure penetration of the pigment into the cortex without rough open cuticle. Cortex — cortex is composed of elongated cells, which give the hair strength and elasticity. The cortex contains the pigment melanin, which determines natural hair color. Restores in the process of dyeing the hair structure, if they had previously been damaged. The hair after CHI paint shiny and beautiful with a silky luster, elastic and dense.

Innovative hair products Chi guarantee women dyeing, bleaching powder bleaching and maximum recovery of treated hair at the same time. And the main secret in this phenomenal paint it is based on natural silk obtained from the cocoon of a butterfly.

Creative color will create on your hair attractive pictures of feathers or waves), as well as distinguish the features of a haircut. To create an image that can be used as contrasting color and different saturation shades of one color

Fashion trend of the year – multicanale staining

Coloration Ombre

It’s not the roots, as some ”experts” that mocks the Hollywood stars. Luxury well-groomed hair, dyed Ombre, we have a smooth transition from natural dark base color to the light ends!

It is possible to dye only the individual strands, adding a light glare, and the whole mass of hair.

After Ombre any styling – straight hair, waves, ponytail, pigtail – looks-Hollywood-stylish and ultra-glamorous.

3d color

Have you ever wondered why the hair of natural blondes look much more spectacular than the painted? And all because of that color-treated hair creates a feeling of volume as the natural color. It looks flat and unreal. In addition, after 2-3 weeks, roots appear dark stripes, and the hair need to paint again.

Hairdressers for many years trying to deal with these shortcomings. And, it seems, success is not far off. New 3d technology of hair coloring, which has become popular in the season 2010-2011, allows to achieve a stunning effect shimmering and объе4мных hair that constantly change their hue.

Hair coloring in a new style radically changed the presentation of the colors 3d hair coloring is a rather complicated procedure and requires special skills and professionalism.

It is that of a single strip scored in strictly certain areas of the head, stained on the inside. The color segments overlap each other like layers in a birthday cake. Hair coloring according to the method of 3d makes the hair voluminous and unusual. Color of hair may vary from the angle, the amount of external light.

 Hair coloring
 Hair coloring

Coloring the hair at home, we risk to commit a number of errors. Some of them can lead to undesirable color quality and color, but others – and seriously harm your hair. We caution you against errors in the coloring and talk about new ways of colouring hair:

Glitter Honey method allows you to create the harmony of the two light shades of Golden honey that would fill the hair with dazzling radiance and Shine. Luxury creamy texture of the new technology dyeing “Honey Shine” will give the naturalness of the image and the gentleness of honey and the combination of light strands – depth and charm to the whole image.

Mordecai (Mordecai) – translated from French means “etching” or in the vernacular “Etchant” “Mordecai” is one of the techniques of “pre-loosen” the hair, which are difficult to prepare dyeing of the hair to apply the dye. Its goal is to increase the susceptibility of paint hair, including gray, increasing their porosity.

Different variations of dyeing techniques, “Balazs” are now popular all over the world. The resulting image gives the impression of a natural lightening undyed hair in the sun and, most importantly, hiding the first gray hairs. This staining technique enables easy, natural and multi-dimensional (three-dimensional) effect to the hair, which can be combined with various styles of clothes, including business suit. Balanced Balaj can be changed to give very subtle highlights on the hair, giving the effect of novelty hair. But this technique of staining can be implemented as a bold and somewhat dramatic solution (laminating) for those who want to look very impressive. The use of free choice of strands for the application of light colors can also be combined with traditional techniques of painting and to give individual results.

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