Eyelash extensions

Many of us have long been convinced that a well-advertised mascara does not always produce this result, as we promised. We can not think of advertising beauties lashes actually become longer and thicker than using coloring ink, a slightly different procedure, i.e. an eyelash. Technology, poresnichnoe eyelash extension, allows you to achieve maximum naturalness. Poresnichnoe – work fine and are very laborious, demanding accuracy and professionalism. This technology allows to build each synthetic lash individually.

Depending on the structure and natural thickness of natural eyelashes, selected material for building “St.” or “silk” (monofilament). Also takes into account facial features of the client and the circumstances ( e.g. the capacity for “every day” or for celebration), poresnichnoe allows you to apply a variety of effects increase.

Eyelash extensions

Effects and types of eyelash extensions

Partial eyelash extension – with this extension artificial eyelash is attached to the outer corners of the eyes after a certain period of natural cilia. Accrued cilia longer than natural, so they have a separate regrown eyelashes. Before beginning the procedure of increasing the wizard will offer to make coloring natural lashes.
Full eyelash extensions – in this capacity-each synthetic eyelash is attached to your natural. This building is the most popular and suitable for events and everyday life.
Eyelash extensions in two rows ( 3D building) – is that to each natural lash is attached artificial 2. In the result the eyelashes thick and lush. This option is suitable for festive events and for the girls whom nature has not endowed lush and thick lashes.

Caring for extended eyelashes

  • Do not RUB the eyes
  • Makeup on eyes apply possible, but it is necessary to remove very carefully using cotton swabs and lotion that does not contain oils
  • Do not use mascara, especially the very persistent
  • Sleep only on your back or side, not to accidentally injure the cilia during sleep
  • Wash very carefully and carefully not to injure the cilia
  • Do not use oily creams



Correction lash extensions must be done 2-3 weeks after build


Artificial eyelashes should not go more than six months, then you need to remove them. Please note that only master who uses special tools to soften the glue, can remove the artificial lashes. Independently to remove false eyelashes is not recommended, as there is a high probability that you can go without your own eyelashes


After removing artificial eyelashes own lashes need care. You need to feed them daily with castor oil or other means in 2-3 weeks

eyelash extensions

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