Face cleaning

The procedure for cleaning the pores of the skin, most commonly known as “traditional Facials include skin cleansing (makeup removal), exfoliation, a steam treatment using a special mask, removing blackheads, facial massage, Parasurama mask, face cream according to skin type.
This procedure is useful because it resolves specific problems, such as open and closed comedones, dehydration, dead skin cells, clogging of pores and many other skin problems. After the procedure of cleansing your face your skin will be glowing and clean. Perfect for anyone who has imperfect skin.
The cleaning procedure then it will be beneficial for facial rejuvenation as it stimulates the blood circulation. Blood, in turn helps oxygen to penetrate into the skin, thereby smoothing the skin and removal of toxins. Using massage techniques muscle fibers of the skin are firmed, toned and elastic. Massage helps to slow down the aging process and minimize signs such as fine lines, wrinkles skin and wrinkles.

Wrinkle correction

Wrinkles are signs of aging. In morphological terms, a wrinkle is a heightened accentuation of normal skin folds in microdepressions areas. They reduced the amount of collagen fibers, glycosaminoglycans , the water. In fact, these places are formed voids, which are places where it is easiest formed skin creases – wrinkles. Thus, they testify to the thinning of tissues and the weakening of the skin tone as a result of different reasons.

Wrinkles are divided into facial (formed earlier in the areas of hyperactivity of the muscles of the forehead, near the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, glabellar region. Actinic wrinkles caused by excessive sun exposure and fascination with Solarium. It is usually, fine lines and wrinkles.
Age wrinkles that are the result of the thinning and atrophy of the skin, reduction of hyaluronic acid, loss of elasticity and turgor.

Beauty injections – Dysport, VTHA, BOTOX

Beauty injections help to remove facial and nasolabial folds, circles under the eyes etc. beauty Shots are absolutely safe and effective procedure, in fact, that’s why they gained immense popularity. Botox injections will make it easy to get rid of wrinkles, in addition, they slow down the aging process of the skin – your skin will Shine with youth and beauty for years!
After injection of Dysport effect is in two weeks, and in some cases after two or three days. This miraculous method has two clear advantages: reasonable price and lack of a recovery period after injection, in contrast to plastic surgery. Lately, even the representatives of the stronger sex are increasingly resorting to injections of beauty.

Indications for the procedure:

    wrinkles around the eyes

  • wrinkles around mouth
  • horizontal wrinkles on a forehead
  • wrinkles in the neck and neckline
  • vertical wrinkles on nose bridge
  • wrinkles in the upper part of the nose


The latest technology in aesthetic cosmetology and a worthy alternative to plastic surgery. Only recently the questions: “How to increase lips without surgery? To remove the creases in the nasolabial folds? To get rid of facial wrinkles? To produce a stable lifting the face?” – were addressed solely to a plastic surgeon. A modern answer to these problems – contour, which represents the introduction of specially developed hyaluronic acid directly into the problem area. Using these injectable drugs – “fillers” (from the English. to fill to fill) you can change the shape of the face, eliminate deep surface wrinkles, to rid of defects and irregularities of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural, native component of the skin, making the skin supple and hydrated. Injected under the skin stabilized hyaluronic acid does not cause allergic reactions, triggers the production of collagen and elastin, activates the regenerative processes of the skin. Stunning result of the injection can be seen one week after injection, and to achieve long-term effect with only a few treatments.

With contouring, filling the missing amount of tissue that can be eliminated or made less severe following age-related changes:
  • wrinkles
  • wrinkles around the lips
  • wrinkles on cheeks and in the corners of the mouth
  • wrinkles around the outer corners of the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • frown wrinkles
  • wrinkles on forehead
  • to give more volume to the lips

Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid is a natural part of a living body, therefore, any rejection does not occur, and the desired effect is observed in all the adjacent tissues. Such a result can be achieved due to its property to absorb and retain water molecules, so after the procedure, You not only get lush lips, but also give them elasticity, achieving the effect of moisture. Hyaluronic acid, among other things, activates the process of protein synthesis of collagen in the skin and therefore has considerable rejuvenating effects on our skin.
Concerning the method of introduction of matter, manifested in this interdentally microfibres contributes to a significant tightening effect. Hyaluronic acid injections virtually painless. The fact that the acid enters into a chemical reaction close to neutral and therefore no burning sensation. By the way, in a young organism it is produced abundantly and without outside help, but over the years of its accumulation cease to be compensated, which leads to sagging of the subcutaneous tissue of the skin and the skin itself. Local anesthesia by rubbing a special cream or injection makes themselves hyaluronic acid injections completely painless.

And only a little swelling for 1-2 days, recalled that quite recently was “operation.” The procedure takes just 15-30 minutes of time. After a couple days Your lips gain their natural, delicate grace, and You, in the end, have the opportunity to admire the enchantment of her alluring and sexy image.

the Main directions of action of hyaluronic acid are:
  • biorevitalization
  • facelift
  • increases lip volume
  • contour
  • correction in the case of asymmetry

Injecting drugs stabilized hyaluronic acid is contraindicated in the presence of an infectious, viral, oncological and autoimmune diseases, and inflammatory processes in the area of the intended intervention. A contraindication to the procedure is the presence of non-absorbable implants. Procedure is not recommended the introduction of fillers pregnant and lactating women.


Polynucleotides – the most important biologically active components, which are indispensable for the functioning of all living cells. They are especially important for cells with high metabolic rate and is essential in the process of division. Skin cells need polynucleotides to maintain a high reparative capacity

Polynucleotides stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts, protects against UV damage, promotes regeneration and revitalization of skin cells. Gipernovae stimulate the production of acid by fibroblasts, improves tone of turgor skin. The nasolabial folds. Neck neckline. Hands. The periorbital area.

Smart Lifting

Strengthening the skin with polydioxanone absorbable suture that consists of absorbable threads of polydioxanone and the guide needle, which fixed the thread. The thread is carried out using a medical needle, influencing the regeneration of cells and lifting of the skin. The effect lasts for 1.5-2yrs. Does not cause side effects. A quick procedure with a short recovery period.

Indications for use:

  • pronounced naso-labial folds
  • vertical and horizontal frontal pleats
  • naso-lacrimal groove
  • purse-string lines and horizontal forehead wrinkles
  • periorbital wrinkles “crow’s feet”
  • folds in front and behind the ear
  • of the gravitational ptosis of the chin and eyebrows
  • lowered the outer edges of the eyebrows
  • folds of skin on the neck, chest
  • various acute infectious diseases
  • inflammation of the skin in the area of application thread
  • cancer
  • diseases of the blood (clotting)
  • reception antiagregantov (aspirin, clopidogrel etc.)

After the procedure you should avoid sauna baths, drinking alcohol and Smoking within 2 weeks. Also excessive movements in the area of the procedure.

Anti-aging mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a method of introducing active substances into the skin to help the skin to normalize its function, to ensure the key elements to retain a youthful appearance, to protect from aggressive external influences and prevent premature skin aging. In recent years, began to apply mesoroller the technique of introduction of preparations.

Indications use of micro-needle mesotherapy:
  • to restore normal tonicity and regeneration of the skin
  • treatment of pigmentation
  • means of struggle against wrinkles on the face
  • stimulation of collagen

Mesotherapy for the scalp

Hair loss, brittleness, dryness, split ends, dandruff – these are the problems that prevent us to have beautiful and healthy hair. The cause of the deterioration of the condition of the hair is the many factors: lack of vitamins, stress, poor diet, frequent dieting, hormonal abnormalities, antibiotics. Often excessive hair loss occurs in women after childbirth. This is because during pregnancy there is a phase of active growth of hair and the woman has lost hair, and after the baby is born the cycle of hair growth comes back to normal and excessive hair loss. The most difficult form of hair loss – androgenic manifesting the abundant loss of hair in fronto-parietal area. Hair mesotherapy is the most effective treatment loss and improve the condition of hair and scalp.
Mesotherapy scalp is a modern problem – solving technique of the scalp, which improve blood circulation and supply hair follicles with nutrients. The nutrition of hair is the main cause of hair loss, thinning and breakage, the elimination of these symptoms and aims to mesotherapy. Hair loss stops, and starts new hair growth, normalizes sebum secretion and purifies the scalp.
Hair mesotherapy is performed by injecting into the scalp special therapeutic compounds. Mesotherapeutic cocktails are prepared individually for each patient, based on the state of his hair and scalp. The main components of the cocktail, vitamins and microelement, allow to normalize the growth and structure of hair, improve blood circulation, which provides oxygen; eliminate dandruff, make the hair more smooth and shiny.

The structure of the therapeutic cocktail includes, as a rule, zinc, amino acids and vitamins of group B. All these ingredients are able to stop hair loss and to normalize sebum secretion, which is necessary to combat dandruff and seborrhea. In addition, mesotherapy for hair prevents the appearance of gray hair.
The therapeutic compositions are injected to a depth of 2-4 mm of the thinnest needles that can make the procedure as painless as possible procedure.
Mesotherapy scalp lasts about 40 minutes, but for maximum effect, one treatment is enough, to spend to do mesotherapy is a course of 8-10 treatments. After the procedure you should refrain from shampooing for two days.
Hair mesotherapy has a number of contraindications. These include allergic reactions and tumors, inflammation and chronic diseases. The mesotherapy is not performed during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation.

When you cannot do injections:
  • during the exacerbation of any chronic disease (not just skin)
  • during pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • inflammatory process in the area of injection
  • if there is a tendency to scarring
  • if diagnosed autoimmune disease
  • during the critical days

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