Estet Beauty 2010

Participation of the Studio “Nata-Li” at the exhibition “Estet Beauty Expo 2010”

Participation in the exhibition “Estableciendo-2010” was presented to our Studio the opportunity to once again exclusive to Express themselves, to attract new customers and establish business contacts with new us suppliers and manufacturers.

the Studio “Nata-Li” was and is among the leaders in the beauty industry. For each exhibition we create for ourselves a new image. In this exhibition, we were in severe suits and hats.This hat boom for us and visitors had the opportunity to feel like a real lady. Buyers had the opportunity to try on designer hats, made in a single copy, and purchase at an affordable price.

For master barbers were the original decorations for hairstyles in the form of “Babyak and bows made of artificial hair colors natural hair.

Leading masters of our Studio held a master class on hairstyles based on wig-making products – extensions, hairpieces, polubarinov, as well as on the techniques of wrapping hair with a conical Curling irons and Curling irons hair straightener.

To all our buyers during the exhibition, the Studio “Nata-Li” in conjunction with the Studio “Dance Hads” made you smile-surprise – the opportunity to participate in the video and get a souvenir DVD disc. Also to everyone who have already bought a hairpiece or chignon, was handed a gift – a unique mini – Curling.